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                Navigate the Shift to Digital

                MODERNIZE YOUR CORE IT

                Future-proof your technology landscape by implementing a simple, modern and secure IT backbone.


                Update your enterprise IT and application environment to support the needs of business today and tomorrow.

                The IT challenges of running a digital enterprise can be overwhelming. Legacy technology investments are no longer enough to meet your business’s ever-increasing demands. And moving to new technologies and applications, whether on-premise or off, presents a unique set of business risks.

                Cognizant can help. Let us partner with you to modernize your core IT infrastructure. By creating an actionable reference architecture that charts the course from “as is” to “to be,” we’ll help you transform your applications and infrastructure from a business-limiting state to a growth-enabling one. 

                With Cognizant behind you, you can accelerate innovation by moving applications to the cloud, enabling rapid new application development and deepening security.

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                WHAT WE DO


                Going digital? You’ll need a simple, modern and secure technology backbone. Work with our experts to transform your enterprise and future-proof your infrastructure to reduce costs, increase agility and protect your assets.

                Today’s business demands more from your IT infrastructure.

                Customers, internal and external, are demanding richer, better experiences than businesses can deliver today from their existing applications and infrastructure. Clients have been tinkering at the edge for years to increase core performance, but they’re confronting the fact that these incremental efforts, while necessary, are no longer reaping the needed rewards. 

                A new level of resiliency and agility is required to compete effectively in the market. Organizations must reimagine their core and modernize to ensure they are fit for purpose and can meet customer demands, while managing the risks associated with wholesale transformation.

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                Rethink business and IT processes and strategies with integrated automation, and offer unique customer experiences that power growth.

                As old economic models continue to give way to new digital businesses, you need to automate to remain competitive and drive new value. Automation enhances the very core of your business, unlocking intelligent new capabilities across the enterprise. It’s a whole different approach to business.

                We follow this approach with the help of Cognizant? Automation Center, an integrated automation ecosystem that delivers best-in-class automation across a continuum of systems that think, do and learn—accelerating new digital capabilities that drive value for your business.

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                Realize the promise of digital transformation at speed and scale.

                Today’s companies must transform and modernize their application and infrastructure to fulfill the demands for better customer experience and faster time to market. The catalyst: cloud. It opens doors to new operating models and offerings that enable you to meet increased demand for agility and security at scale. But how do you best deploy cloud for digital transformation? 

                Enter Cognizant. We help businesses deploy cloud within their digital transformation journeys to meet business objectives and drive growth. Count on us to help you realize the benefit of the cloud in a risk-mitigated fashion.

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                Moving to next-gen big data, blockchain, IoT, AI and cloud? Get ready to tackle larger and more complex security risks.

                As digital technologies proliferate and grow more complex and uncertain, how do you safeguard your data, employees and customers against cyber threats that are as sophisticated as those technologies? A security breach can cause serious damage to your business, so it’s critical to take measures to reduce your risks and protect your assets.

                Cognizant has answers. We’ll show you how to build a strong prevention initiative, as well as a solid response and recovery plan in the event of a security breach. The result for you? By expanding the scope of your security initiative, you gain visibility and actionable intelligence, and make more efficient use of your own resources. That leads directly to faster containment of potential threats to your enterprise.

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                A superior customer experience. Quick prototyping. Faster time to market. These are the must-haves of the digital era. 

                Insight powers the next generation of digital apps, seamlessly replacing traditional service strategies with greater speed and value to engage customers more directly, easily and precisely.

                Cognizant Softvision’s Digital Engineering provides just that. Bridging the gap between designers and engineers, we offer you next-gen domain and software engineering expertise on one platform, delivering insights-driven solutions that fuse advanced human-science with fast engineering practices. That enables you to embrace new digital technologies by gaining greater agility, as well as an always-ready, scalable cloud infrastructure and enhanced productivity—all within a dynamic ecosystem. 

                The result: concept-to-code that’s faster to market, and that emphasizes customers above all.

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                Digital success requires not only keeping pace with change, but driving it—regardless of legacy technical debt, complex processes or security threats. Guiding your organization to a market-leading future means rethinking ways to simplify, modernize and secure your IT infrastructure in these areas.


                Build applications that deliver the digital experiences customers want.


                Transform your IT backbone to create an always-on business.


                Streamline your back-office and improve operational agility and employee connections.


                Employ an end-to-end approach where high quality meets high speed.

                OUR PARTNERS

                Cognizant’s strategic alliances with the world's leading technology companies provides you with an ecosystem of options based on dominant technology platforms. These partnerships demonstrate our commitment to helping you simplify, modernize and secure your customer engagements across physical and digital channels.

                Amazon Web Services

                Cognizant is a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, an AWS Channel Reseller, an AWS Managed Services Partner, an AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) Partner and an AWS Marketplace Reseller. In addition, Cognizant has accredited status with AWS for healthcare and life sciences, financial services, migration competency, big data, Workspaces and SharePoint.

                Google Cloud

                Cognizant is a Premier Google Cloud Partner. This partnership brings you innovations in AI, machine learning and cloud-native platforms, as well as joint solutions powered by next-gen accelerators such as TensorFlow, DialogFlow, Kubernetes, APIs, microservices and containers. Agile platforms empower rapid ideation to meet emerging human needs with real-time, intelligent insights and global reach.


                Cognizant is one among IBM’s highly selective group of Global Systems Integrator Business Partners and is a Premier Business Partner within IBM’s PartnerWorld program. Our strategic alliance with IBM primarily involves collaboration with IBM's Software Group and the Systems & Technology Group.

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